Sustainability of the business model is one of the key priorities of Kalisten.
In order to guarantee it, different income streams are being created, both in Web 3 and Web 2

In-App tax & fees

Withdrawal and swap of tokens within the app will be affected by a % of tax & fees.
Part of these tax & fees will be used to sustain the Kalisten Ecosystem and burn KS/KST


An In-app marketplace for merchandising, fitness services and NFTs will be created.
Part of royalties & added value obtained will be used to keep the business rolling and burn KS/KST

KS Labs

KS Labs will allow to create Web 3.0 services that will add value to other projects.
Kalisten will actively try to find other projects to integrate in our ecosystem and our app.
Part of the revenue obtained will be used to burn KS/KST

Web 2.0 collaborations

Kalisten is actively looking for collaborations with big fitness players outside of crypto, and help them bridge the gap to crypto.
Revenue obtained from these collaborations will also be partially invested in keeping the tokens valuable.