FAQ update. The FAQ is currently under a deep review after the launch of the Generation 2 - The Gainers Gang.
What is Kalisten?
Kalisten is the definitive Training App and Community. It has been in development for over a year, and the roadmap is ambitious.
What is the Early Adopters collection?
Our first 1000 holders. In the near future there will be a second collection with next ambitious plans as stated in the roadmap.
Will there be another collection?
Yes, a PFP collection with strong gamifications.
Where is Kalisten?
In Magic Eden. After the second collection we will apply to Open Sea.
How are your Tokenomics sustainable in the long term ?
Kalisten, alike most of crypto projects, have a business model aside, based on traditional subscription plans, that will guarantee a constant cash-in from which part will be reinvested in our Liquidity Pool.
Can anybody access?
Yes, but Train to Earn is only for Kalisten Holders. Everybody needs to request an Early Access Code.
I only move my mouse as a sport. Is this still good for me?
While staying fit is optional, health is not. For god's sake: you get for one NFT a lifetime access to a platform that empowers you to live healthy, and makes you earn!
Who is behind Kalisten?
2 developers with extensive experience in programming, entrepreneurship as well as fitness and calisthenics. After our first mint, we've hired a Tokenomics expert, a Head of Marketing, a freelancer designer and some people to help us manage the community, create content, and so on.