Generation 2 - The Gainers Gang

As a series A we have created a second collection that will help us raise enough funds to expand outside NFT, internationally and establish a Five Stars Team.
Gainers Gang NFTs are pure gamification. The NFT's metadata is dynamic and changes as the user gets better or improves skills in real world, affecting the earned KST.
The Gainers Gang NFT are initially unrevealed. Besides that, there are 3 Tiers of Gainers, this is the first metadata attribute that introduces the user into the gamification of Kalisten, affecting the earnings from Day 1.
There are 3,000 Gainers Gang NFTs.


  • Premium access to the App
  • Train to Earn functionality backed by KST
  • KST will get increasing utility in App and in real world
  • DAO participation and vote in Roadmap prioritisation
  • Whitelist to future collections