Game Modes

Solo Mode

Renting System (Free2Play for Web 2.0 users)

In this mode, Web 2.0 users (no crypto) will be able to use our APP to stay fit, track their workouts and earn a small amount of KST tokens by renting an NFT from someone else.
No need to download any Web 3.0 add-ons till the user wants to cash out of the app.

Gen2 NFT Holders (Train2Earn for Web 3.0 users)

In this mode, users can track their workouts & Train2Earn KST token once a day by owning NFTs of the Gen2 Gainers Gang Collection or Elite Gainers Collection.
By owning Gen2 NFTs, the holder will take full advantage of all the development in our app.

Earnings of KST are affected by:

  • Number of NFTs on your Team training at the same time (up to 5)
  • Gen2 NFT Tiers. Tier1 > Tier2 > Tier3
  • Fatigue of the NFT (coming soon)
  • Train2Reveal: Wheather the NFT is revealed or not
  • Materials connected (coming soon)

P2P Mode

Coming soon