Gainers Gang NFT Holders

Progression System (Solo Mode)

Within the Kalisten Ecosystem, we not only seek to promote a healthier lifestyle, but also have created a game within the APP. Never before has staying in shape been so fun and rewarding!
Before a workout, holders can choose one NFT from their team to be their main avatar.
This avatar will earn EXP after every workout. KS & KST tokens will be used to level up once the NFT has reached the EXP required.
Each Tier has its cap and will need to be upgraded to the next Tier to keep progressing.

Attribute System (Solo Mode)

After one of the Gen2 NFTs reaches level 10, the attribute system will unlock.
There are 4 attributes with different effects. Each level earned after 10 will earn you more points to allocate among them.
  1. 1.
    Strength: Points spent in this attribute will affect KST earnings.
  2. 2.
    Resilience: Points spent in this attribute reduce the fatigue penalty after every workout.
  3. 3.
    Stamina: Points spent in this attribute reduce the global Train2Earn cooldown
  4. 4.
    Luck: Higher luck will increase the chance to get extra rewards after every workout.

Fatigue System

Coming soon

Revealing System

Kalisten Gainers Gang Collection & Kalisten Elite Gainers Gang were born unrevealed, and is up to the owners to reveal them by using KST (Train2Earn) + KS (Staking of Gen1).
Revealing the NFT allows the holder to:
  • Gainers Gang Collection: See the art + boost earnings based on the NFT Tier
  • Elite Gainers Gang: See the art + boost earnings to Tier1 equivalent + Royalties from Gen1 weekly airdrop to holder.

Elite Gainers 1/1 Custom

Reserved for those holders that have done the most for the Kalisten Ecosystem.